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Haven't experienced a fun night of Live Music at Mortdecai's on the East Side of Wichita, come join us for any of our bands who will surely make your evening enjoyable.
Here is a line-up of Live music events to mark your calendars, or just plan to come to all Friday and/or Saturday night venues.
August 18th:  Bobby Fleet
August 19th:  JukeBox 45
August 25th:  The Dirty Gentlemen
August 26th:  Roadkill Dolly
September 1st:  Llew Brown Band
September 2nd:  Annie-Up
September 8th:  Sleepy Truckers
September 9th: Gypsy Outcasts
15th: The Banned
September 16th:  Fast Lane
September 22nd:  Inside Job
September 23rd:  Chronic Audio
September 29th:  Bobby Fleet
September 30th:  Jukebox 45
October 6th:  Bottoms-Up
October 7th:  Jet City
October 14th:  Across the Pond
October 20th:  Gypsy Outcast
October 21st:  Jet City
October 27th:  Stimulus
October 28th:  HALLOWEEN PARTY  Suite 68
November 3rd:  Factor  New
November 4th:  Money Shot
November 10th:  45 RPM
November 11th:  Gods of Wrath
November 17th:  Bobby Fleet
November 18th:  Chronic Audio
Novvember 24th:  Inside Job
November 25th:  Fast Lane
December 1st:  Roadhouse Saints  New  
December 2nd:  Money Shot
December 8th:  Llew Brown Band
December 9th:  Jet City
December 15th:  Delano Drive
December 16th:  Across the Pond
December 22nd:  Chronic Audio
December 23rd:  Juke Box 45
December 29th:  The Dirty Gentlemen'
December 30th:  Eclectix
December 31st (NEW YEARS EVE PARTY) : Chronic Audio

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