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For a long time I always knew I would work at a bar in retirement.  Well, here I am not only working at one, owning it.  Short story that starts with a retirement date coming up.  Visited this place a few times on my way home, like the size, people, and cold beer.  I few months lalter, my Son-in-Law, we will call him Josh, was getting a Tattoo at the nearby establishment and was telling the artist that his Father-in-Law, we will call him, Me, how I liked the place.  The artist said that his wife owned it and was going to sell it.  Josh texted me and alerted me to this idea and here I am, a Bar owner.

I decided to call it Mortdecai's for a reason I still don't know, but a Tavern and Eatery came along when getting signs made.  So, stop on by and join me for a cold drink and some social time, feel the vibe, get comfortable, and grab a snack if you will.  Play some pool, pinball, gold, or gamble on one of the only machines legal in the state.  Oh, and an ATM is available if you need cash.



Contact us to book a table for any occasion. We accept reservations for up to 20 people.

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